A Complete Marketing & Business Agency .

We are since 3 years in marketing from planning to execution we do it flawlessly.

What we do ?

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We have experience of over 3 years and worked for many companies and businesses gathering experience and knowledge.

We have worked with many businesses from India to abroad helping businesses to grow from time to time. Also, help business with their problems and brings out the easy and pocket-friendly solutions. 

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Website & App development

Website development is the key part of any business which is also the crucial part of their branding. A foot step in the global market.

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Digital Marketing

It is the next step after the website has been developed which gathers leads and brings money to the business along with the name.

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Business Strategy & Managment

We plan every step of your business and manage it as well to ease your burden and also build the structural framework.

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Political Strategy

We also build the political strategy and manage the PR for the politicians. To boost their public image and reach its totally a different segment of our business. 

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Event Managment

We also manage the events to make every occasion a memorable one in your budget in any city and any type of event. 

How do we work ?

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We analyze your business and learn about your client’s needs and demands through surveys and feedback. 

Our Research and development team creates quick surveys and check out your competitors simultaneously and fixes the small errors rest our marketing does all the work

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1. Know your business

Since there are too many businesses in this world and it is true nobody can know everything, so first we ask you. It is because nobody knows the business better than its owner.

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2.Quick Surveys & Feedback

We create a quick survey on people and collect feedback from your existing clients. Especially the not satisfied one. Also we perform the trend analysis and brings out the idea with plans.

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3. Competitors research

We also look out for your competitors and their customers and find out the loopholes to build the monopoly techniques and build the USP’s for your business.

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4. Strategy Building

Based on our collected information we build your strategy and create your quotation or proposal. So our every proposal is unique, dedictedly made for your business.

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5. Plan of Action

Once everything is done we start converting our plan into action and building a framework along with lead generation through our different marketing strategies and campaign.

About US

Shivam Singh, is the founder and CEO of Jai Brothers, Ex-director of sales and Digital Marketing Accolade Group of Vermont and Accolade Group of India. 

Shivam has started his journey in the field of Marketing and digital marketing four years ago as a freelancer. His hard work and dedication work had landed him in one of the biggest marketing and SEO agencies Accolade group. As a Director of Digital marketing.  He was ranked among the best digital marketers in the US, as well as in India. He has a vast knowledge of Web Development, and App development and he is a diploma in marketing management from one of the prestigious colleges in India NMIMS Mumbai. He has done digital marketing for many American and Canadian companies like Boston Best Chimneys, InfraRed Inspection, chimneys.com etc.

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